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Cold Shoulder :iconje3:JE3 474 17
Markiplier x Child!Reader - Stories
---Reader's P.O.V.-----
I sit up with a scream once another a another nightmare, the door opens and I hide under my blankets afraid its the monsters coming back for me, I whimper as the covers are slowly pulled from me, I peek from behind my shaking arms and see Dad. "Dad!". I say and jump and hug him, he chuckles. "Why'd you scream I heard you over my game". He asks leaning against the wall next to my bed.
"Nightmare". I mutter and hide my face deeper into his neck. "You smell like cheez its". I mutter. "You've been eating MY cheez its". I growl. "N-no I'd never eat you're cheez its". He says and I glare at him before thunder strikes and I hide in his neck again. My nightlight starts flickering until everything went dark and I screamed.
"Whoa calm down the power just went out". Dad says and hugs me, I whimper and cuddle closer to him. "Why don't you just go to bed and it will be over in the morning okay (Y/n)?". He says and I shake my head. "No the monsters are gonna eat me!". I yell
:iconxreader2001:xreader2001 128 16
Markiplier x Child!Paralzyed!Reader One-Shot 2
Light hit your eyes making you blind for a moment, humming could be heard, as well as metal hitting each other. “Y/N! Time to wake up!” you groaned and looked up to see Mark smiling down at you, You slowly sat up and rubbed your eyes “What time is it?” Mark clicked his tongue “ 8:00” You gave him a tired glare “Dad, why did you wake me up so early?” Mark chuckled and held up a brown leash “I’m shocked you forgot already” Your mind clicked and you quickly shuff
:iconcorathehedgehogrules:CoraTheHedgehogRules 20 3
Markiplier x Child!Paralzyed!Reader One-Shot
(I decided to do this cause I love Markiplier, he as helped me through a lot and I thought why not? Let me know if you want more!)
You stared at your window from your bed, watching the birds fly and the squirrels climb trees. You sighed and sat up, you removed your blankets and huffed.
:iconcorathehedgehogrules:CoraTheHedgehogRules 90 64
skydoesminecraftXpoisoned!reader chapter 2
As you sat on you're hospital bed, you heard the door open.
"H-Hello?" you asked. The lights were off so you couldn't see who entered the room. you got no reply.
"Who's there?" no reply.
-???'s  pov-
As I walked into (your name)'s hospitals room, she couldn't see me so I crept up to her hospital bed, and raised my knife. She saw my figure and saw the knife, and then she shot up and got out of bed as fast as she could.
-your pov-
I saw some person with a knife and ran out of the hospital bed trying to get away, the machines making beeping noises in protest to my sudden absents. I ran out the door and tried to get away, but the guy caught up with me and grabbed my arm. I looked at his face and what I saw horrified me. It as sky. I gasped, and he grinned.
-sky's pov-
I grabbed (your name)'s arm and grinned at her reaction.
" surprised?" I laughed a little. "sorry (your name), but goodbye."
As I said goodbye, I stabbed (your name) in the
:iconderp81:derp81 65 86
((skydoesminecraft X poisoned!reader)) Chapter 1
(A/N) first reader x character fanfic... i'm sure it will suck.. but even so, enjoy.
 (h/c) = hair color
(l/n) = last name
(s/c) = skin color
(Your name) walked down the hallway of the Sky army's base. you were trying to find sky, But instead you found some butter, even though the color looked a little off, you decided to pick it up and take a bite. "this butter tastes weird...". but you continued eating it.
-time skip of buddery goodness XD-
You were hanging with your three best friends Mikey, Alice, and Sammy.
"Hey, (your name)? you alright? you look kinda pale..." Mikey said.
"Y-yeah, i'm all right... just... kinda light headed..." (your name) said, then you started to black out and the last thing you saw before you blacked out was Sky running to you....
(Skys pov)
One of my Sky army recruits, (your name), my crush, had just passed out in front of me. As i ran to her, she appeared to be poisene
:iconderp81:derp81 137 608
Youtuber x Baby!Reader Sweatpants and headphones1
A/n: This is part one of the different endings for my youtuber x Baby!Reader. This is the Deadlox ending.
...Sweatpants and headphones!
   Deadlox, also known as Ty, had just been woken up by the doorbell at... 4 in the morning! This is outrageous! Who ever it was better have a good reason! Upon opening the door, he saw no one. Someone just trolled him! Scoffing, he started to close the door, when he heard a soft cooing sound. He looked down seeing a small bundle of rags with a note attached to it. Or should he say her! In the bundle was a little baby girl! Ty quickly and carefully picked up the tiny child, and closed the door with his foot. Why would someone leave a baby here...? Ty set the small girl on the couch and looked at the note. It read, 'This is (y/n). She is a couple months old. She is a rather happy baby and isn't much trouble. Her birth date is February 18. Please, give her a good home, I am unable to take care of her.' Ty frowned. Someone just... Gave up their
:iconthe-caster-of-spells:The-Caster-Of-Spells 56 35
You Work For Me Now :iconferntree:Ferntree 178 30
Herobrine X Reader Part 16
Herobrine X Reader Part 16
-Your POV-
You and Ty had been talking for a while but he finally fell silent about 5 minutes ago.
"Here we are then..." You could detect some sadness in his voice but you blamed that on not finding Sky on the way here. Where were you anyway?
"Oh... uh, thanks Ty." He untied to and placed you in his palm, he then knocked on a giant obsidion door.
"Uh... Hello? Anybody home? I've got someone who's.... wandered off and I wanted to return her." There was no answer.
'He's talking about me like I'm someone's property!'
Suddenly you heard the door open and the sounds of swords being released from their sheaths.
"Who is the 'run-away' kid?" You couldn't see the guard, but you could tell from his voice that he was very.... very big.
"She's in my palm, do you want to see her?" The guard thought for a moment but then agreed to see you. When he did, Ty opened his hand and showed you off to him.
"I...its's her..."
"I can hear you, ya know!" Everyone ignoring y
:iconfionnathehuman11:FionnaTheHuman11 19 4
Herobrine X Reader Part 15
erobrine X Reader Part 15
~ P.S Sorry if it sounds like you like Sky...~
-Your POV-
"SKY!" You reached your hand out to Sky, but not in-time as you then passed out, like you'd been hit on the head with a baseball bat (it actually REALLY hurts )
"Is it him?"
"Hmmm.... nah, just some girl."
"*sigh* We'll never find him..." Your head hurt like sheet!
"Ugh... Where am I?" When you could finally open your eyes, you nearly had a heart attack! A pair of giant red eyes where staring down at you. You decided to look around. There wasn't much.
'I should go up to this dude...' So you walked forward and hit your face and what seemed like glass... REALLY thick glass!
"Ha! Yo, Jason! Come look! This dead girl just hit her face! Ha!"
"You should respect the dead, Ty!" You started to really hate this 'Ty' person.
"I'm right here you know, DICK!" You called out to him. You literally saw his jaw drop when he heard you.
"...Umm, hello?"
"J-jason! I'm startled!!!" He called out to Jason
:iconfionnathehuman11:FionnaTheHuman11 22 20
Herobrine X Reader Part 14
Herobrine X Reader Part 14
After some long explaining...
-Herobrine's POV-
"You get it now?"
"Yesh!" Anya smiled like a little lamb, which made me wonder... Ghast's don't smile, or laugh, or... are just as happy and smiley as Anya. Either way we both set out to look for Ty.
-Different location-
"So, Anya."
"Yeah, Briney?" I absolutely HATE that nickname!
"You know how you're a ghast?"
"Why are you always so... happy" She looked at me like I was half insane.
"But, ALL the Ghasts are like. I should know after all," All I could do was stop and stare at her, "You coming, Briney?"
"Ghasts are always crying. They never smile. YOU'RE the first Ghast to laugh or smile."
"Let's just talk about this later, we need to find Ty!" With that we set off.
-Anya's POV-
Why is Herobrine interested in all of this so suddenly? I've explained this to him before. I'm one of Notch's failed starter projects. He was there when I was created for christ's sake! But that was quite a while ago ; I don't
:iconfionnathehuman11:FionnaTheHuman11 20 37
Herobrine X Reader Part 13
Herobrine X Reader Part 13
-Your POV-
Sky looked at you, as if he was asking if you'd killed somebody.
"Whoa, Sky! Chillax man. Herobrine's cool with me." You tried to reassure Sky that everything was all right, although it didn't help the situation very much.
"Lets just go and get your body back." He said looking down and started walking ahead.
"SKY! Wait up, dude! He can get your body back as-well." There was a long pause until Sky finally looked at you.
"He can?"
"Yeah. (I mean, he's freackin HEROBRINE!)" He then looked at the ground, then back up at you.
-Le timeskip-
Sky had been telling you about all his friends that he had before he died.
"There's Deadlox, TrueMU, AntVenom, HuskyMudkips. LOADS! (Sorry couldn't think of any and couldn't be bothered to find them). You're gonna love them ______. And we can do parkour maps together!" It looked like he'd lightened up from his little 'tantrum' earlier.
"That sounds awesome, Sky!" You smiled at him, and saw him blush a little b
:iconfionnathehuman11:FionnaTheHuman11 19 5
Herobrine X Reader Part 12
Herobrine X Reader Part 12
(A/N Just wanna say, thanks for all the aweshum comments! Didn't think it'd get this popular when i first started)
-Ty' POV-
That bastard! He's left me in here to 'calm down'! What the hell does he expect me to do? Just find out my only TRUE friend has been killed, and be okay?! I fucking hate Herobrine! I don't care if I live with him, I hate his guts!
"You calmed down yet?" I heard from outside the door, then tried to make my tone of voice sound as convincing as possible.
"Y... yeah"
"Okay, can I come in?" PERFECT! If he came in, I could make a mad dash for it! And I could go to my... secret stash.
"Sure." When he opened the door, I punched him in the face (leaving some blood on his mouth) and made a run for it.
"HA! YOU IDIOT!" But what I wasn't expecting was an instant reply from Herobrine. He came chasing after me, faster than I'd ever seen.
-Herobrine's POV-
He just punched me in my mouth! God, what is up with Ty? Ever since _____ went missing, he's bee
:iconfionnathehuman11:FionnaTheHuman11 26 36
Herobrine X Reader Part 11
Herobrine x Reader Part 11
( A/V A week after Vay died)
-Ty's POV-
I feel awful about turning Vay in. *Sigh* Herobrine's also been looking at me funny since he had his 'business' with Vay. And I haven't talked to him since, let alone even go outside. He's trying to get the maids to get me outside, thinking that I'd catch up to reality. But we both know for a fact that it's not going to work. I decided to start cutting and even worse... drugs.
"Hey, Ty- GOD WHAT'RE YOU DOING?!?!" Herobrine rushed over to me in the corner of my bedroom, taking the needle and knife away from me.
"Give them back, bastard!" I yelled at him, even in his shock, he refused to return my items.
"Dude, you need help. Serious help!" He said, one hand pushing me away from the drug in his other.
"Shut up! This wouldn't happened if it wasn't for you!" I told him, forcing my way out of his grasp, "Just give it back! It's all I have now." Tears started forming in my eyes.
"Ty, this isn't MY fault! It's Va-" I cut him o
:iconfionnathehuman11:FionnaTheHuman11 19 26
Herobrine X Reader Part 10
Herobrine X Reader Part 10
-Herobrine's POV-
Vay looked like he was about to kill Ty as he pressed him against the wall, telling him the dark secret that he'd been hiding from me all this time.
"I trusted you, Vay. You son of a Bitch." I said from the bottom of the corridor. As expected he let Ty go and made a run for it. I then lifted my head up, making Ty nearly faint in horror. I was covered in blood, no thanks to Vay.
"Help me get him, Ty." I told him, not asking, but demanding.
"But, Vay's been our best friend for ye-"
"He's no 'friend' of mine," I interrupted Ty,"Now help me get him. This isn't a game
any-more" The only response I got from him was a slight nod. Ty wasn't the type of person who was capable of betrayal or even capable of hurting a fly. Then he ran down into the gardens and Nether Villages to look, I was staying in the mansion to fine that bastard.
-Vay's POV-
Oh, shit! Herobrine's after my ass. It's not like any of this is my fault right? Okay, it's ALL my fault. *
:iconfionnathehuman11:FionnaTheHuman11 21 14
Herobrine X Reader Part 9
Herobrine X Reader Part 9
-Herobrine's POV-
"AHH!" I yelled, jumping up from my bed. I've had another nightmare about ____ again.
"Why does this keep on happening?!" Just as I asked myself that question, Vay and Ty walked in.
"Yo, Brine! How ya feelin?" Vay asked sitting on my bed. I hadn't been well since ____ had disappeared.
"Just fine, Vay. Have you seen ____ around yet?" I hesitantly asked.
"Uhh... well... thats what I came to talk to you about." He held his head low, twiddling his thumbs.
"Umm, Vay? Is everything alright with ____? Has she been hur-"
"Hero calm down! I brought you something to eat." Ty put his finger on my lip and put down a tray of food.
"Thanks." Although I never ate.
"Anyway, we found ____ in the forest. She was pretty beat. Ty carried her to the human hospital and they said that... she didn't make it. I'm sorry, bro." I could feel icy tears forming in my white eyes, streaming down my cheeks.
"Wait just one minute! I don't remember seeing ____ anywhere in the
:iconfionnathehuman11:FionnaTheHuman11 24 17



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